Thursday, February 2, 2012

After Party Massacre

After Party Massacre
Directed by Kristoff Bates and Kyle Severn

Our local FYE store was going out of business recently and had a huge sale of 50% -70% off everything in the store, so I headed over to see what gems I could find before they closed. I picked up several DVDs and among them was AFTER PARTY MASSACRE.

Made in 2011 this film tells the story of – well, honestly there isn’t much of a story. A girl named Scarlett goes with her friends to see a show at a small club featuring a couple of local metal bands. She goes to use the bathroom and is attacked by a would-be rapist. We learn in a flashback that she was molested by a priest as a kid. She picks up a hammer and kills this guy, then goes on a rampage killing everyone else in the bar. And that’s pretty much it. The rest of the night plays out with bands performing, girls getting topless, a couple of sex scenes, and Scarlett killing people.

Truth-be-told that description sounds better than the actual movie. No one is likeable in this movie and you honestly don’t care what happens to any of them. As Scarlett goes on her killing spree no one tries to fight back, they all scream and fall down helpless like she’s Jason Vorhees. Toward the end of the night the women in the club all randomly start making out with one another, and there’s a group of flesh piercers and flesh hangers randomly stuck in the middle of the story, too. It just devolves into a big murky mess and goes nowhere.

On the technical side the camera work in APM is poor, the lighting bad, and the sound is terrible, like they were using the on camera mic. The acting is amateurish and it’s obvious the producers simply cast their friends in many of the roles. In fact the lead actor, Kyle Severin, is one of the producers, and he also plays drums in the main band featured in the film, Incantation.

The one good thing I can say about APM is that the gore effects are well done, despite the ridiculous circumstances of the storyline. The editing of the film could have been a little better to make them more effective, but the effects themselves are good.

The DVD features two versions of the film – one with extended band performances and full songs and the other with limited live performances. The music used throughout the film is from a variety of Death Metal bands that run the gamut from decent to terrible. The band performances are all shot on a small stage at this club.

Bottom-line:  Although there's plenty of music, gore, and nudity, the producers should have spent more time developing the story. The main folks I see enjoying this movie are the people in it and their friends.

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