Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ghoultown Mistress of the Dark DVD


If I die tomorrow

Or a zombie eats my brain

I’d raise myself up from the dead

Just to sing your name

I recently got a copy of the new Ghoultown DVD and finally got a chance to sit down and give it a good once through. This is one pretty cool DVD!

Ghoultown is a western/rock n’ roll/cowpunk band from Dallas TX. I like to describe them as the bastard child of Sergio Leone and George Romero, mixing equal doses horror and western influences to create their own unique sound. Ghoultown has been rockin the graveyard since 1999, and their latest endeavor is a music video for the one and only Mistress of the Dark, Elvira.

The band met the horror hostess at a convention and she suggested they do a song for her. Count Lyle and the fellas ran with the idea, working up not only a song but collaborating with director Gris Grimly for a music video shot on location at the one and only Magic Castle! It is a great song with a really catchy chorus. Elvira (who turns 60 this year) still looks amazing and the video turned out top notch with really great production value.

But the DVD includes much more than just the music video. First off it’s a two-disc set. Disc one is a CD containing six songs (although two of these are remixes of the Mistress of the Dark tune).

Disc two is a DVD featuring the Mistress of the Dark Music Video, a making of the video featurette, and a storyboard to video comparison. There is also a short feature on here called the Har Har show, which is a really funny take off of the Hee Haw show (a clip of which appears in the music video). In addition the disc is loaded with hidden bonus tracks which include a live performance of the band in concert, trailers from other movie projects by director Gris Grimly, a funny classic Elvira clip, and lead singer Count Lyle taking viewers on a tour of his house and all the many monster collectables he owns.

This disc definitely gives you your money’s worth – this is a special limited edition dvd – only 2000 were made, so you don’t wanna miss out on this. Head to:

and get your copy now!!

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