Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rock and Roll Crazy Night - Review

In 2005 I hosted a movie making event called THE UNLUCKY 13 MOVIE MAKING CHALLENGE. It was a contest where I gave filmmakers 13 days to shoot and edit a complete movie. This was the 3rd year I held the contest, and the entries that year were by far the best I'd ever had. Rock n' Roll Crazy Night was also the most rockin movie ever entered in the Unlucky 13 contest.

Something strange is happening in the town of Rock Haven. The town's teenagers have started acting crazy, running amok and turning violent. It all began when 80's rock group Cain appeared in town. The kids who went to his show returned with bad attitudes and started making trouble. A groups of friends notice what is happening and decide there's more to this than meets the eye. Cain is actually controlling the kids through his music, and he is in league with Satan. If something isn't done he'll rob their souls and have the town under his complete control.

The janitor at their high school tells them he can help. What? A janitor? Ah, but it turns out this janitor has a secret too - he used to be a musician too, and in fact was a huge rock star who disappeared off the scene years before called Brokk Anjyl!

 Brokk trains Zack, played by filmmaker Josh Clark, and teaches him to play guitar. His computer nerd friend Cecil builds a special guitar called the rock-a-tron 5000 that has a computerized pickup that will help him shred super fast. They head to the big Cain show for the big  showdown and to challenge Cain to a rock n' roll duel...

Knock em' Down Productions made this movie (the name a reference to a Jon Mikl Thor song). Knock em' Down is filmmakers Michael Keeves and Josh Clark. They are huge fans of heavy-metal horror films like Black Roses and Rock and Roll Nightmare, and this movie is their tribute to those films. It was shot in Nashville TN and the music is by local Nashville bands The Skate Party, Destroydestroydestroy, and the Killer Robots. Cain's band is played by Destroydestroydestroy. This is a great little movie, especially considering it was written, shot, edited and scored all in 13 days. It has a terrific sense of humor and looks terrific. The music is a bit pop in places but the guitar shredding scenes are great and the theme song is catchy. The ending is rock n' roll gold.

So here is the entire film, Rock n' Roll Crazy Night. Check it out and send filmmaker Michael Keeves an email over at his youtube page letting him know you like it.


  1. Ha ha! The film that will not die!

  2. Yep. It has a life all its own, fueled by the power of Rawk!!

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